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What is organic SEO?

It's building a picture of what language to use and where. Our years of experience has taught us how, and where, to use the right words and topics for the content. Our advanced research software also helps us to find vast amounts of information in a short space of time.

The keywords and topics we use need to do a few things:
  • Have enough people searching for them.
  • Be popular enough, but not too popular.
  • Have a good chance of ranking on page one.

People will link to your great content

If your content is interesting, useful or funny - people will want to share it around.
This is key to understanding how backlinks can help you and your website be found more often, by more people.

We can help you through this process and advise how to keep the momentum going.

Pure keyword based SEO is no longer effective on it's own, but it's a good start
The content of the page or website is very important, as is the amount of quality, relevant sites linking back to you.

Why invest in it?

We all get those emails promising to make our website appear on page one of Google within a matter of weeks. This is very unlikely.

Online marketing takes time and dedication.

You've invested time and money into creating a website for your business. A good SEO agency can help you appear as high as possible in the results.

Now what?

Once you have been found, your website needs to be relevant to what the searcher wants, or they will just leave. Google looks at how long users stay and uses this information to help rank your site.

We understand that all companies are different, so our methods reflect this in an ever changing internet landscape.

Where does the content go?

We assign the keywords to each important page, so your other pages don't compete with it. They go in the title and description tags, the page title, sub headings and copy. We will also use these words in links, or 'anchor text' going to other site pages.

How do we attract visitors?

Keyword research make sure we attract visitors who are ready to take action. This can be either signing up to a newsletter, commissioning work or buying something. An example of a long tail keywords is 'seo research services in london'.

Competitor research

Your competition also provides us with a good resource. We analyse their websites and find out what topics help them rank. We find out who links to them and decide which of these links, or domains, would help you to rank higher.

How about local search?

Regardless of your business type; if you have an internet presence, you need to give it the best chance of being found. Allocating a budget to SEO could very well be a smart move, as it's how most people find what they are looking for.

This is especially true of local listings

Depending on your business type, being found locally to the searcher can be important. Often they are looking to make a decision based on your relative locations.

We can help with all this, including setting up your Google for Business page effectively, adding you to the right listings and literally putting you on the (Google) map.

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