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£ 99 /page

Includes these features:
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SEO Tune-up

Your website is the online front to your business, so we make it fast, and we always follow the latest guidelines. We run a full technical audit to show you everything is in order and structured properly.

Studies show you have under 3 seconds to keep a visitors’ attention, or you lose them.

Bad links to your site can harm your rank, so we look for these and remove them.

If you are updating your site, we highly recommend having the old pages redirected. If you don't, all the links coming to your website will stop working and some rank may be lost.

  • This fee is for an average website of between approximately 5 - 10 pages.
  • Websites larger than 10 pages will receive a discount depending on size, up to a maximum capped fee of £2,995.
  • The fee for a typical one page website is £395.

A full SEO services package to take your business to the next level

From £ 1200

Includes option one plus these features:
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Attract Visitors

Wouldn't it be useful to know who searches for what you offer?

Visitors who are ready to take action, or those who are 'just looking' should each find what they are looking for, quickly.

We work hard on finding ways of making your website interesting and helpful, with relevant topics, and not just stuffed with keywords. Your content can target global, specific countries or towns.

A great way to attract visitors is by building relationships with complimentary businesses and websites to get quality links to your website. There are many different ways of building links, with various timescales for each. We will advise on the best way forward.

  • This fee is for a typical one page website.
  • The fee per page for larger websites is in the region of £499.
  • Websites larger than 10 pages will receive a discount depending on size, up to a maximum capped fee of £9,000.

We work together on your SEO strategy to help you stay at the top

From £ 49 /month

Includes these features:
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Keep visits flowing

From setting up Google Analytics and Search Console, to our own custom reporting, we can help refine your content. These insights will, in turn, create more traffic. We track the positions of your chosen keywords daily to make sure your site is performing.

There are frequent changes to how websites are ranked, so we make sure these changes wont harm your position.

If your competition rises above you, it's because they are working hard on their SEO. We monitor this and make sure you stay ahead.

Being down-ranked is never a good thing and there are a few reasons why, such as toxic links to your site and website errors. We monitor these and take action when needed.

Finally, we can set up an 'uptime monitor' which will immediately alert us if your website goes down.

  • This fee is for an average website of between approximately 5 - 10 pages and covers the basic options.
  • We can monitor any size website, including large dynamic sites. Enquire for more details.
  • This services is charged on a month by month basis and you can cancel at any time.

Website Tracking

Find out what's holding you back

  • Check for technical errors
  • Set up Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Track where visitors come from and where they go
  • Find out what keywords brought them to your website
  • Provide valuable insights how to increase web traffic
  • Find links that are harming your rank

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